The HYPEES Collection is now live!

OVRT is a passionate team and powerful grassroots community working to create genuine connections and opportunities through our shared desire to build the future – TOGETHER.

We are diverse, dedicated and values-driven. We are founders, artists, entrepreneurs, investors, musicians, experts, and more.

Join in on the fun and let’s build together…

Meet HYPEES, 4,973 personal pop art sidekicks dripping with personality and poised to dive into the Metaverse by your side. Emerging from a vibrant world just beyond our own, HYPEES are full of bold and electrifying energy. Sharp lines, popping patterns and over 340 hand-drawn attributes make up the OVRT genesis collection of unique NFTs. With the pyramid as it’s base, HYPEES represent how individuality and the need for inclusivity are essential within our social and digital world.

HYPEE NFTs serve as the foundation for building the OVRT community and your access pass to exclusive member benefits, art, community and culture.


High-Impact Resources

We aim to provide thoughtfully curated resources such as education, crypto literacy, access to advisors, and funding opportunities.

Exclusive Artwork

Automatically be entered to win signed 1:1 prints of your HYPEE and other exclusive giveaways.

Community Treasury

All treasury funds are owned and run by NFT holders.

Metaverse Gallery

Member-only displayed art in our virtual galleries. 100% of net income goes directly to the artist.

IRL Events

Your NFT  serves as lifetime access to OVRT events and VIP areas. Come join us IRL!

IRL Benefits

OVRT intends to expand its reach throughout IRL to provide consistent high-quality access to holders.

Exclusive Merchandise

We will be releasing exclusive merchandise just for NFT holders. Rep your tribe proudly!

And More to Come…

Additional benefits and opportunities as the community grows.


PHASE 01 ?

  • HYPEES NFT Launch – Now Minting!
  • Secondary Marketplace
  • Exclusive Merchandise

PHASE 02 ?

  • Community Treasury
  • Social Voting System
  • Metaverse Gallery
  • OVRTime Monthly Newsletter

PHASE 03 ?

  • Partnerships / Collabs
  • IRL Experiences
  • Purchase Metaverse Land


The team members who are building the next era.

Ryan McNey


Tommy McCoy


Abhi Luthra

Head of Engineering

Matt Corrado

Creative Director

Mackenzie Ryan

Podcast Host

Freddie Carlini

Web Dev

Gurjappan Singh


Amol Singh


Scott Parker

Brand Ambassador


Brand Ambassador

Maria Alamine

Brand Ambassador

Daniel Braff

Community Mod